David McMorrow comes to this blog on the back of a quarter of a century of successful wealth management and business building experience. Throughout his career, David has built up a strong reputation for both creating exciting new business opportunities and for developing existing businesses. Over the years, David has worked for some of the biggest names in the finance world including Berkeley Morgan where he was employed as Regional Director for five years and J. Rothschild Assurance, where he filled a number of highly senior roles over a thirteen year period.

During his time at J. Rothschild Assurance, David McMorrow cemented his position as a talented business builder with the establishment of St. James’s Place Academy. Founded in January 2007 after an extensive feasibility study, the Academy provides a comprehensive education and training facility aimed at talented and driven individuals with a desire to establish their own wealth management business. Upon completion of the course syllabus, candidates leave fully qualified to offer independent financial advice to a wide range of clients and with all of the knowledge, skills and expertise required to run a successful business. With the Academy, David truly demonstrated his own talents as a business builder, taking the enterprise from zero to £10 million per annum by December 2009, a period of less than three years.

David McMorrow originally began his career in teaching after graduating from London University with a Diploma in Educational Practice and a Bachelor of Education (Honours). Upon making the decision to leave teaching for finance, David was able to transfer a lot of his existing skills including effective time management and leadership experience. Throughout his climb up the financial services ladder, David has continued to learn and today holds his Certificate in Mortgage Advice (MAQ), his Certificates in Financial Planning (FPC) Levels 1, 2 and 3. David is also QCA Level 4 Dip/RDR – qualified. Currently, David works as a consultant and independent financial advisor with Mansion Park, building up his own client bank and providing portfolio advice as well as advising the company on effective recruitment and training policies.